Canada Media Marketplace 2018 -- Online Help

There are several ways to view the profiles of the Journalists who have registered to date.

Under the Profiles button click on one of the Journalists options:

  • View Journalists
  • Search Journalists
  • Download Journalists

You will be prompted for your username and password.

View Journalists Option

1) Will present you with a listing of all Journalists registered to date. You can sort the list according to the column headings (i.e. by name, registration date)

2) Click on the name of the Journalist and a detailed profile page will open in a new window.


Search Journalists Option

   Use the search menus

  • to look for Journalists by area or specialty. Click search a list of all Journalists matching your search criteria will be displayed.
  • Click on each Journalist's name to view their profile.
  • HINT to display a full list of ALL registered Journalists just hit the search button with the default setting (Name Contains - leave blank, Specialty - All, By State, All

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If you continue to experience difficulties please contact:
3-Way Street / ExpoMatch
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